I have never eaten such delicious and healthy meals like what I had prepared and eat at the farm! Don't be deterred just because it's raw vegan food - because you can't tell the difference.The RGI farm is beautiful and the accommodation in the bungalow is very comfortable. The view you wake up to every morning is just spectacular.

Though there is a lot of work to be done, in the raw chef, class this place is great if you want a break from the busy city life because you're surrounded by nature. There's a great communal philosophy in the farm which adds to the vibe of the school.



First of all, I'd like to thank chef Mehmet, his family and chef Merve for giving me the possibility to stay with them almost for a month. I want to highlight I’m a different person after being there for a long time. What I exactly mean is that they have thought how I can take care of myself trough food, get around the kitchen, physical activity and meditation.

I’m also happy because I have learnt different activities to implement in my classes. But, above all, I’m really grateful of people I meet there (others students and volunteers ): you’re all a God Blessed!
Sometimes the work at the raw culinary class got to me, but learning new things evreday keep me sharp. Drinking green juice every morning changed my life for sure.!!!



I chose RGI specially cause I was interested in the raw food hands on traning and organic farming. I took one of the best decision of my life.

This farm change my life in a positive way, I'm so glad of this experience, I learnt a lot and not just about the raw food.
Chef Mehmet is an awesome person, always ready to answer to our questions and with a such positive soul. He's a leader and he knows how create a real community.
Thank you for everything. We are gonna keep in touch.

süt-lü - Kopya


Curriculum II Raw Chef Asociate offers the unique opportunity to work hands-on with one of the world’s most outstanding master raw food chef Mehmet Ak. The course provides you with ample personal attention and assistance with individual goals. Become confident with knife skills and familiar with kitchen equipment and time-saving gadgets of all kinds. This 10-day hands-on course expands on Curriculum I and provides the foundation necessary to attend our Raw Culinary  Chef Instructor class. Learn how to develop recipes; do demos, combine herbs and spices to create both classic and ethnic flavors without using recipes; balance textures and flavors within individual recipes or across entire menus; sprout grains, seeds, and legumes; make luscious meals; combine foods for optimum digestion and nutrition; create raw versions of cooked food recipes; organize and manage a raw food kitchen, and much more!



  • Raw Culinary Gastronomy techniques for healthy meal preparation
  • Setting-up and managing your raw food kitchen
  • Using basic equipment common in a raw food kitchen (food processors, blenders, spiralizer, spirooli, juicers and dehydrators, including proper temperature settings for different applications)
  • Basic knife technique—which knives are used for which tasks (i.e. chopping, dicing, mincing, julienning, chiffonade)
  • Basic measures and equivalents (i.e. teaspoons to tablespoons, ounces to cups, quarts to gallons, etc.)
  • How to follow recipes and convert cooked recipes to raw recipes
  • Hands-on experience in making fresh garden soups, sauces, salad dressings, salads, simple entrees, wraps and rolls, pâtés, crackers and desserts
  • Understanding Turkish and Middle-Eastern flavor
  • Getting ready for Demo
  • Effective menu planning
  • Organic vegan farming

Prerequisites: Curriculum I


DISCOVER Breakthrough RAW FOOD Technology

RGI offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs—achievements that are extraordinary, İN YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. The RGI is grounded in a model of raw culinary art transformative learning— gives people an awareness of the basic structures how to know somethink taste good, and act around the kitchen.