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RGI  Detox Program-

Ejuva’s Ayurvedic Healing System

Transformational Detox Program 2020 Class info. coming soon.

This four week detoxification program is for everyone looking for a new level of anti – aging .

It focuses on helping to restore the body’s balance and it’s natural rejuvenation process.

The program will show you step by step how to detoxify yourself with powerful tools like nutrition and holistic therapies. 

Join the thousands of people who have changed their lives with ejuva program and overcome weight issues, skin problems, fibromyalgia, insulin dependence, insomnia, sinusitis, and much more. Class meets once a week for four weeks Sunday at 6:00pm. We start with all you can eat live buffet food demo guest speaker and group shares in dynamics

~Take Charge of Your Life ~Lose Weight in a Healthy Way ~Eliminate Unhealthy Toxins ~Restore Vitality, Energy & Stamina ~Regain Personal Confidence ~Boost Your Immune System ~Clear Emotional Density Reduce Chronic Pain ~Improve Mental Clarity ~Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle ~Reconnect to Your Radiance Look & Feel GREAT again!

This detox been around more than 30 years and it would Shift your Health, Your Consciousness, and your Life!!

You are ınvated to make this the best DETOX yet, a detox for body, mind, and soul is a must! ! You now get one (NEW)free delivery a week, (Chicago land area) 1 week (NEW) yoga class pass and a travel package all combine with the detox’s already powerful qualities to make it easy and transformative. The first step to a new life is in your hands!

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox is Magical  in the Body. Our very own chef Mehmet lost 100lb and did not gained it back he still does detox 2 times a year. Our Detox program cleanse the body and it is very easy and gentle.


How does it work:

Amazing 28-Day Cleanse Program: A step by step guided journey to a revitalized YOU!

ULTRA DEEP DETOX includes: Comprehensive 4-Week Ejuva Intestinal & Full Body Detox

• Classes on four consecutive Sundays from 6:00 to 8:30pm.

• Unlimited live food during the detoxification included

• Unlimited green juice and wheat grass during the detoxification in house only included.

• Rejuvenating simple raw food demos each Sunday.

• Enrollment in the Detox program includes 1 week yoga pass

• Each class includes Complimentary Raw Food Buffet,dinner starts at 6:00PM.

• Detailed Instructions on Cleansing and How to Create more Energy and stay young.

• Know which foods create Vitality, Optimal Health and Rapid Healing.

• Find out about your body’s infinite power to heal and how to tap into that resource.

• Learn which foods contribute to lower energy, poor health and illness and how to avoid them.

• Discover how to mitigate cleansing reactions. Coaching & Consulting via all your question

• Specially prepared meals, green juice and wheat grass are included for the entire 28-day to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

• Raw Food Chef Mehmet Ak shares his amazing transformation story and gives you tips on how to make it happen in your life.

• Ask about our travel package to make detoxing on the go even easier!

Let’s work together to shift your health, relationships, consciousness & future. 


If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing autointoxication (a process whereby you are poisoned by substances produced by your own body as a result of inadequate digestion and elimination), and therefore you might want to consider some type of internal cleansing program:

the world’s purest, gentle, effective herbal body cleanse with Organic & Wild Crafted Ingredients (shipped to you before the cleanse

• Allergy or intolerance to certain foods

• Bad breath and foul-smelling gas and stools

• Constipation, diarrhea, sluggish elimination, irregular bowel movements

• Frequent congestion, colds, viruses

• Flatulence or gas and frequent intestinal disorders

• Frequent headaches for no apparent reason

• General aches and pains that migrate from one place to another

• Intolerance to fatty foods

• Low energy; loss of vitality for no apparent reason

• Lower back pain

• Lowered resistance to infections

• Pain in your liver or gall bladder

• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), breast soreness, vaginal infections.


Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. It does this mainly by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. However, when this system is compromised, impurities aren’t properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected!

Week One:

3 Raw meals per day, slowly introducing the herbs once daily before a meal.

Yoga and meditation green juice, coconut water

Week Two:

Cutting back to two Raw meals per day, substituting another dose of herbs for missing meal. Herbs twice daily.

Week Three:

Down to one Raw meal per day, substituting another dose of herbs for meal. Herbs three times a day.

Week Four:

Fasting week! No solid meals. Water, juices, and herbs only!

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Hello everyone at Cousins!

Well, it has been a few weeks since ending the Detoxify with you and I still am 100% raw diet!  I feel great and can’t express in words how this experience has transformed my body, mind, and soul……for this I am truly grateful.  I am teaching myself a new recipe everyday and the variety in my diet is so much more exciting than it ever was eating the SAD way.  I must thank you Chef Mehmet for the green smoothie recipes…I have one everyday with some E3Live added. WOW! What a way to start my day.

For the first time since going 100% raw, I will be visiting a non-raw restaurant with friends and family for a birthday celebration.  It is an Italian restaurant and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could eat off a menu like that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Again, thank you all for making such a wonderful impact and contribution to the quality of my life; I will do my best to always do the same for others and to be kind and gentle with myself, others, and the planet.

In deepest gratitude, Cathy

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Detox Policies.

28 day Detox Revolution-Weight Loss with Meal Plan all inclusive.

To reserve your place in the class :

Minimum deposit of half of full tuition is require and it is non refundable.

10% early bird discount on Detox Revolution program (28 days). Full payment must be received 30 days prior to start of first class to qualify for discounts.

$100 discount for Couples Full payment must be received 30 days prior to start of first class to qualify for discounts.

15% Group discounts available for 4 or more Full payment must be received 30 days prior to start of first class to qualify for discounts.