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WHY IT WORKS?Gluten free..Zero trans fatCholestrol freeBurns useless fatNo frozen effectsSoy free none GMOOrganic mostly local. Colors: Vibrant, rainbow, earthyNutritionally balance. Density: High in nutrients and enzymesDaily fresh prepared meals. Aromas: Natural essence, sweet, bitterVegan *ALL LIVE* Textures: Smooth, creamy, crunchy, grainy, enjoyableControls insulin. Temperature: Perfectly adjusted to your body and the seasonThe healtiest and tastiest organic, fresh meals delivered to your door each weekOptimizes heart, brain, and immune function. Flavors: Complimentary, balanced, sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, sour

Join the fresh eating club and get  your food fresh organic locally already prepared

in live food box right now onlıne and we will delivered to you tomorrow!

At Cousin’s IV, we want to help you keep slim, trim, and vibrant this new year and help you reach your resolution to get in shape and get healthy. That’s why we are offering our Live Box Membership discount. Just imagine all your meals being prepared by a gourmet chef! This year, you could actually be losing weight and gaining energy…now that’s the way to LIVE!LIVE FOOD MIRACLE ! Don’t delay–take charge of your health today!**HIGHLIGLIGHTSLIve Box Contents: (live food for 3-4 days)3 breakfast items: 1 serving of soup 1 serving of fresh fruit & smoothie3 lunch items: 3 entrees with site salads3 dinner items: 3 entrees with site dishes3 servings fresh greens w/dressing3 servings of homemade flax crackers3 servings of fresh fruit2 desserts of the dayOur live food box program is all about. Organic, Freshness, Affordable, Convince, Locally Growing Produce, and Quick ServiceThe Fresh Farmers’ Plan costs $8.25 per day when you sign up for 1 months and pay $495 and get second month for free. Yuo can use the membership for 4 months! 2 boxes per week of prepared, fresh meals, and desserts Flexible pick-up and delivery options based on your schedule Available in individual or super-sized (just add 50% of the original cost to get a bigger box. for example if the original cost is $100, the super-sized cost is $150) Enjoy 10% off in-store and restaurant while your program membership is active Enjoy 15% off culinary courses at Raw Gourmets International while membership is active Refer a friend and get a COMPLIMENTARY box added to your program! At Cousin’s IV, we are committed to exceeding our Live Food Box members expectations. Please do not hesistate to make suggestions or ask questions; we are here to help you take control of your health and improve your life. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are always open to working with you!Cousin’s IV …much more than just a restaurant!
The healthiest, most delicious live food and services yet!
Entertain the possibility… Energy, vigor, excitement

LIVE FOOD BOX PROGRAM consists of three different offers:

Choose Your Plan

1.) Fresh Farmers’ Plan

2.) Premium Personalized Plan

3.) Sugar/Sodium Restricted Plan

1.) Fresh Farmers’ Plan (Temporarily not available online)
TheFresh Farmers’ Plan gives you all the best fresh organic prepared raw foods that includes savory soups, herb green salads, appetizers, (sides) gourmet entrees, fresh fruits, flax crackers, decadent desserts, smoothies & still keeps your price at under $10 a day for three meals. This program gives you the opportunity to buy your meals at wholesale price.With the Fresh Farmers’ Plan your daily menu is prepared by our Culinary Masters, choosing from the organic and freshest available ingredients daily, while creating your delicious meals and snacks with our live food gourmet style.
The Fresh Farmers’ Plan is adventurous with a few desserts and more entrees on your plate. The Fresh Farmers’ Plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, side dishes, fresh seasonal fruits, snacks and it will allow you to substitute in many dishes that are sure to become your favorites

Meal PlanIndividual PriceDaily PriceDaily SavingsTotal SavingsIndividual / Family Size
1 week (7days)2 LIVE FOOD BOXes$149.00$21.00  Entree Option        Individual $149.00       Family Size $223.50        
1 month (30days)8 LIVE FOOD BOXes$495.00$16.50$4.78$143.40Entree Option  Individual $495.00 Family Size $742.50   
2 months (60 days)16 LIVE FOOD BOXes  $895.00$14.91$6.37$382.20Entree Option  Individual $895.00 Family Size $1,342.50   
3 months (90 days)24 LIVE FOOD BOXes$1,200.00$10.00$11.28$1,353.06Individual / Family Size  Individual $1,200.00  Family Size $1,800.00  

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2.) Premium Personalized Plan (Temporarily not available online)
Premium Personalized plans allows you to choose from a variety of our delicious daily menu items and customize your breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, sides, fresh seasonal fruits, and snacks and it can be delivered every 2 days.
Live Food Box Premium Personalized Plans is the first and only fresh organic live food diet delivery service that allows you to choose from a variety of our delicious daily menu items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, fresh fruits and sides. With our state of the art kitchen we are completely flame free and we are working with 4 local organic farmers.

Meal PlanIndividual PriceDaily PriceDaily SavingsTotal SavingsIndividual / Family Size
1 week (7days)2 LIVE FOOD BOXes$295.00$42.14  Entree Option  Individual $295.00 Family Size $442.50  
1 (30days)8 LIVE FOOD BOXes$895.00$29.83$12.31$369.30Entree Option  Individual $895.00 Family Size $1,342.50   
2 months (60 days)16 LIVE FOOD BOXes$1,380.00$23.00$19.14$574.20Entree Option  Individual $1,380.00 Family Size $2,070.00   
3 months (90 days)24 LIVE FOOD BOXes$1,620.00$18.00$24.14$2,172.60Entree Option  Individual $1,620.00 Family Size $2,430.00    

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3.) Sugar/Sodium Restricted Plan (Temporarily not available online)
The Sugar/Sodium Restricted Planis specially prepared for people suffering with diabetes, hypertension, weight and food-related health problems. We provide nutrition consultation and your diet will be planned and prepared conscientiously according to your health needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced chefs will select from the finest raw organic ingredients to create tasty, delightful meals with low sugar and sodium. Read testimonials from our customers who have gained immense benefits from our raw meal plan.
The Sugar/Sodium Restricted Planincludes green smoothies, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables along with all your meals, desserts, and snacks.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates. Change your diet and start a healthier life style today!
Meal PlanIndividual PriceDaily PriceDaily SavingsTotal SavingsIndividual / Family Size
1 week (7days)2 LIVE FOOD BOXes$222.00$31.71  Entree Option  Individual $222.00 Family Size $333.00   
1 month (30days)8 LIVE FOOD BOXes$695.00$23.17$8.54$256.20Entree Option  Individual $695.00 Family Size $1,042.50   
2 months (60 days)16 LIVE FOOD BOXes$1137.50$18.95$12.76$765.60Entree Option  Individual $1,137.50 Family Size $1,706.25    
3 months (90 days)24 LIVE FOOD BOXes$1,410.00$15.66$15.56$1.453.50Entree Option  Individual $1,410.50 Family Size $2,115.75    

Policies and DiscountsLive Food BoxWhen you decide to register in LIVE FOOD BOX (LFB) program you be come a member at the Cousin’s Incredible Vitality we honor that. We are committed that we will go behind our members needs. Because of high volume of demand on LIVE FOOD BOX program we need to prepare fresh organic food for our members every morning ,all day for that we require a commitment for completion of program. When Cousin’s Incredible Vitality purchase supplies it is according to how many members in the program. That is why we require a fully non refundable payment on your registration.Your journey begins as soon as you are fully committed, and register so we encourage you to pay in full-it is a pledge you make to yourself, your health that you are serious about changing your life style. When you make this commitment, and register life will open up to support you in your desire to participate in this life-affirming, transformational experience. There is no better guarantee than being paid in full. This helps you clear away obstacles and achieve your goals!All orders for plans that you choose (3 meals for day). Once your order is confirmed it can not be cancelled but carried to the store credit , or use as a class tuition at RGI. A credit Card is required for telephone and online orders*Once your order is confirmed you become LFB member to receive your delivery, shipment or you pick-up your LFB. This Program is non-refundable. How ever payments can be transfer to some one you know and it will be transfer fee***In any case changes in LIVE FOOD BOX program transfer or store Credit amounts paid by credit card are subject to a 3% charge. Plus it would be price as regular price at $85 for each LIVE FOOD BOX and $60 roll-over fee would be charge immediately**Transfer approve by Cousin’s Incredible Vitality and It will be A $60 fee immediately charged. 


Cousin’s Incredible Vitality offers special promotional discounts all year around. If your program is coming to an end and you’d like to renew, we will honor the special price at which you signed up. When you recommend friend because you love the LIVE FOOD BOX program so much for each registration we will ad referral LFB to your existing program. You must be active member of the LFB program 10% discount at Cousin’s incredible Vitality shopping or dining during your LFB member ship is active before expiration date. 15% discounts if you decide to Participate Culinary Courses or Detox Revolution program at RGI. You must be active member at LFB before expiration date.

Privacy Policy
We value your privacy. We will not release your information to any third parties without your permission.

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