Engage Your Passion!

      Realize Your Dream!

          Get Prestigious.

Give yourself a chance to earn a prestigious (RGI) Raw Gourmets International Certificate.

At Raw Gourmets International, Our dedication is to preserve and pass on the skill mastery and appreciation of the Raw Culinary Arts to our students, who extend throughout the world.

Master Chef Mehmet Ak- well educated in the World’s Finest Dining Establishments, Hotels, & Gourmet Catering Companies has enriched the Institutes curriculum with his regional and professional culinary traditions and continues to incorporate his personal creative talents throughout the Institutes Curriculum.

In addition the Raw Culinary Arts programs offered here, Raw Gourmet International has combined innovation, creativity & tradition by offering  a range of several Entrepreneurial counseling and Internship programs.

A few of the Raw Culinary Art Hospitality programs students can be certified in include: Raw Chef Certification, Restaurant & Catering Management, as well as Raw Chef Instructor.

The programs offered here have become extremely dynamic and more complex than most Institutes around, due to the cultural diversity of Instructors here, and their constant desire to expand the food markets’ consciousness.


These changes have given the company the chance to develop its ideas further.

It helped to modernize our institution and more adequately prepare the students for their future in the Raw Culinary Arts field in today’s thriving health food market.

Our sole mission at Raw Gourmets International  is to help those seeking a career in Raw food to find their path, in order for them to begin the Raw Food Movement immediately and start your own Vegan Business.

What is offered here are some very basic methods of food preparation and dehydration to the highest levels of hands on Raw Culinary Art lessons.

Raw Culinary art will help you become a part of the Raw culinary community in today’s Vegan market.

Deciding on the perfect Raw Culinary Art School is simply the first step, finding your way in the Raw culinary community comes next.

Put your chef hat on,but turn off the flame🔥

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