RGİ is a educational  retreat center featuring ecologically built, traditional woodden bongolaws and offerin  offering raw culinary arts programs, workshops for the healing arts ranging from meditation, dance and yoga to permaculture.

Our mission is to bring the most respected and well known teachers in the healing arts to the marmara regeion of Turkey, and provide both Turkish and international visitors with an experience dedicated to inner transformation in a festive, relaxed, healthy and beautiful environment.

RGİ located in Samanlı Dağlar of Kartepe region, of Turkey near İstanbul, RGİ Retreat provides daily classes, workshops and sessions all year around.

Our guests are from all backgrounds and from all over the world, but all share the desire to nurture the body, mind and soul.

Inspired by a diverse variety of vegan/raw culinary teachings, we believe that there are many paths for many people. In RGİ not only do we bring these teachings together, but provide community, guidance and accommodation for those with all levels of interest. Mostly our programs asisted by volunteers and they are olso  participants themselves in workshops, and embody the spirit of openness and joyfulness, growing together towards a common goal of realizing our full potential as people.

RGİ is located in Marmara region of Turkey. There is stunning view of city and mounting because we are 400m. above see levels connect to whiled forest.

We are certified organic farm that we grow our own fruits and veggies. Our farming practice is all a year round. We do have cafeteria serves raw vegan food one gluten free desserts and much more healthy organic food. We build 6 yurt 2 levels with running hot water shower and each yurt has bet for 6 person.